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2014-2015 Season

Shaw Meadows introduced a Volunteer Bond for the first time in the 2011-2012 season.

Volunteer Bond Program Information - refer to the Policy and Procedures Manual for details

Volunteer Bond Agreement Form - Update June 2014 - "The VB Agreement form & post-dated cheque should be brought to your child's FIRST evaluation ice time and submitted to the Volunteers at the Welcome Table."

Volunteer Bond Credit Form - Updated July 2014

Frequently Asked Questions - Updated June 2014
Encourage Association members to become actively involved in the operation and success of Shaw Meadows.

Many of our Association members are unaware of just how much volunteer work and fundraising is necessary to operate a quality hockey program.  The Volunteer Bond Program was introduced in the 2011/2012 season; to encourage Shaw Meadows (“SM”) members to step forward and help.
The time commitment is not unreasonable and the help is beneficial and appreciated!! Participation in the Volunteer Bond Program is a mandatory component of registration with Shaw Meadows and in no way does it exclude families from volunteering with their player’s team.
Volunteer Credits Required
In order to fulfill each family’s Volunteer Bond obligation, families must earn 2 ‘credits’ through ‘Association Approved’ volunteer work; per season.  There are many opportunities to volunteer throughout the season.
Opportunities will be noted in the SM Policies & Procedures, posted on the Shaw Meadows website or emailed to the members.

Value of Bond
$200.00 per family

Reporting Responsibility
It is EACH FAMILY’S OWN responsibility to ensure they meet the Volunteer Bond Program commitment and report their credits to the Volunteer Bond Coordinator.

If AFTER you have reviewed the documents listed below, you still have questions; please feel free to contact the Volunteer Bond Coordinator.
  1. Policy and Procedure Manual
  2. Volunteer Bond Agreement Form
  3. Volunteer Bond Credit Form
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”  ~ Elizabeth Andrew ~

For information regarding the Volunteer Bond Program contact

For information regarding Association fundraising contact the Director of Fundraising or the Assistant Director of Fundraising 

The Shaw Meadows Association THANKS you for supporting YOUR organization! 

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