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2012 - 2014
Referee's Casebook / Rule Combination


Officiating is a significant component of the game of hockey.  Without officials, there is  no game.  It is official's passion and dedication to the game of hockey that makes the game possible. 

To become an on ice official in Canada you must first be certified under Hockey Canada guidelines through a Hockey Alberta certified program conducted here in Calgary by our Central Zone Referees Committee (CZRC)

*** NEW ***  this involves completing an online portion of the course before attending a 1 day clinic held at Mount Royal College in the September/October time frame.  This provides classroom and on ice training complete with a certification exam to ensure you have the basic knowledge to handle the lower levels of hockey (Novice/ Atom/Pee Wee)

Central Zone Referee's

Clinics are now open for Registration!!

There is a NEW process this year so please familiarize yourself with the clinics.

Click Here for all the details and registration

SHAW MEADOWS QUALIFICATIONS   Send an email to the Referee Coordinator with your NAME, AGE & CONTACT INFO by August 8, 2013   Be a successful candidate as announced August 12, 2013 for the 2013-2014 season   Successfully complete the required certification as outlined by the CZRC   Be 13 years of age as of December 31st of the current playing year to officiate in Alberta.   Be 16 years of age as of December 31st of the current playing year to officiate for the CZRC

REFEREE RESPONSIBILITIES referee is to ensure that they have the necessary equipment and uniform. referee is responsible to ensure they are on time for scheduled games. referee is responsible to make arrangement to get themselves to and from each game. referee is responsible for reporting any changes to their personal information or schedule.


1. A maximum of 30 referees will be contracted for the season. This will enable referees to have more games assigned which will provide more opportunity to improve their skill level.

2. Preference will be given to returning referees and to those who are permanent residents of the Communities within our     Association’s boundaries.

3. The pool of referees will consist of a variety of levels of experience divided into the following categories:

a.       New – no experience;

b.       1 or 2 years of experience and

c.        3 + years of experience.

4. Contracted referees will be expected to submit their proof of completion of training and their course mark immediately following the completion of the required course(s) and prior to any game assignments. Scan this document and submit it to the Referee Coordinator by email

5. Contracted referees will be expected to attend additional training sessions, provided by Shaw Meadows Hockey, throughout the season.


Referees/Linesmen for Novice or Atom are assigned by the Community Referee Coordinator of the Host Association/Team.

For Pee Wee Division 4 and lower, the CZRC will assign the referee only and the linesmen are assigned by the Community Referee Coordinator.

For all Pee Wee Divisions 1-3, Bantam, Midget and Junior games, the officials are assigned by CZRC.

REFEREE PAYMENTS - Click here to access Payment Form

All Evaluation, Regular season, Minor Hockey Week & Playoff games will be paid only by cheque
Exhibition Games are paid in cash to the Referees 'before' the game starts

Level 1 - $20.00

Level 2 - $25.00

Referees will be paid on the 15th of each month for games scheduled and worked during the previous month (i.e. the November 15th pay cheque will include all games worked up to the end of October)

Referees are responsible to hand in their assignment sheet by the end of each month in order to recieve payment.  Pay sheets received after the end of the month will be held over till the following month.

Pay cheques will be available for pick up at the SFC office on the 15th of each month

All referee sheets for the current season must be received no later than April 1

Referees will be reimbursed for certification fees to a maximum of $130.00 after a referee has worked 5 games for the community. Reimbursements are made payable to the referee who completed the course and the required minimum games worked.


All Association organized tournament games will be paid only by cheque within 2 weeks of the conclusion of the tournament by the Tournament Organizing Committee.  The rate set by the Organizing Committee will be approved by the Board of Directors.


If any officiail receives a suspension as a Coach or player it is your responsibility to advise the Referee Coordinator immediately.  You are not permitted to officiate while serving a Coach or player suspension.  You may access the Hockey Calgary "By-Laws and Playing Rules" here. 


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