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Equipment & Uniforms

Dress Code Protocol

We want you to know that we are strongly advising all of our players, to adhere to a set of equipment uniform guidelines when dressing for games.

The Shaw Meadows Jersey's need to have all details in their proper places;

  • Stop / Respect Logos - to be placed on the back of the jersey right at the base of the neck.
  • Name Bars - are NOT permitted on SM jerseys
  • C's and A's - are allowed using a "SINGLE STICH". Do NOT use any form of adhesive.  When removing them at the end of the season be very careful not to tear or stretch the jersey.

Proper Shaw Meadows socks should be worn at all games. The socks should be a matching pair and should coordinate with the game being played. (i.e.; away socks, home socks) and SM logo facing forward on the player.

When selecting a helmet, we strongly encourage you to purchase a black helmet.

When selecting pants, we strongly encourage you to purchase black pants.

Hockey skate laces should NOT have bright colors (no pink, bright yellow, green etc.) The colors should be either black or white. Close variations are acceptable.

Stick tape should be white or black.

The rationale for the uniform and equipment protocol is that we believe that hockey is a TEAM SPORT and not an individual sport; therefore we need to appear as similar as a possible as a team while representing the Shaw Meadows Hockey Association.

Thank you,

Shaw Meadows Executive Committee

For questions regarding the Dress Code Protocol please contact President

Association socks are a mandatory purchase that is paid for at the time of your registration.  These are handed out to the team with the team jerseys at the start of the season.  You are expected to wear the proper coordinating socks with your jersey as part of the uniform.

If you need to exchange your size at the start of the season please do this with your Team Manager or Coach.

Extra socks can be purchased at a cost of $20.00 per set by contacting the Director of Equipment

Game & Practice Jerseys

The Shaw Meadows jerseys have the San Jose design with the Tampa Bay colors.

Game jerseys are NOT permitted for use during practice time
Please respect the jersey and take care of it throughout the season. 

A deposit of $250.00 dated April 1, 2013 is required for the jerseys.  The deposit will be collected by your Team Coach or Team Manager. 

Jerseys are to be washed inside out in COLD water
Air dry only - use a plastic hanger

Jerseys are a large investment for the Association - "help us to help you" in getting the best of our investment
  The old style SM jerseys can be purchased for $10.00 a set. These can be used as a practice jersey.

For questions or purchases please contact Director of Equipment

Mouth Guard Program 2012-2013
Stay tuned for updates to this program...

For questions regarding this program please contact the Administrator
Required Player Equipment
  • CSA Approved Caged Helmet
  • Mouthguard
  • Neck Protector
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Elbow Pads
  • Hockey Gloves
  • Hockey Pants
  • Athletic Support
  • Shin Pads
  • Hockey Socks (Game socks are included in registration. You need to have a different pair for practice)
  • Skates
  • Stick
  • Jersey (Game jerseys will be provided.  You need to have a different jersey for practice)
  • Equipment Bag
Click here for assistance with equipment care and sizing
Required Goalie Equipment (Atom - Midget)
  • CSA Approved Caged Helmet
  • Mouthguard
  • Neck Protector (these are specific to goalies)
  • Chest Protector
  • CSA Approved Trapper
  • CSA Approved Blocker
  • Goalie Pants
  • Athletic Support (these are specific to goalies)
  • Goalie Pads
  • Hockey Socks (optional)
  • Goalie Skates
  • Goalie Stick
  • Jersey (Game jerseys will be provided.  You need to have a different jersey for practice)
  • Equipment Bag
Note: Road Hockey equipment is NOT acceptable
The Shaw Meadows Hockey Association supplies NOVICE goalies for the season with:
  • Chest Protector
  • Trapper
  • Blocker
  • Goalie Pads
  • Goalie Stick
Note: A deposit cheque made payable to SMHA for $500.00 dated April 1, 2013 is required from the Coach for the goalie equipment. Deposit cheque will be held by the Director of Equipment.

Coaches are to ensure the allocated Goalie Equipment is NOT used for street hockey, and remains in good condition through-out the year, should you require anything please contact Director of Equipment. NO MODIFICATIONS ARE ALLOWED ON GOALIE EQUIPMENT


Goalie equipment is cleaned at the end of each season with a local supplier to ensure that the equipment lasts longer and remains safe and bacteria free for the kids.

Should the gear need washing half way through the season; at the team's cost; you may take it to "No Sweat Sports - (403) 204-1401" let Todd know you are from Shaw Meadows. DO NOT wash in your house hold machine or place in the dryer!  Damage will occur and your team will be purchasing damaged equipment.

Click here for assistance with general equipment care and sizing

Hockey Canada has a mandatory approved sizing for goalie equipment.  You will find the specifics in section 3 of the Hockey Canada Rulebook 2010-2012

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